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With DTVSOL (Digital TV SOLution), you can launch your own IPTV solution along mobile and TV apps and generate from your own content. Best of all. you don`t  require any hardware to launch your IPTV platform. All you need is DTVSOL!


DTVSOL Highlights

You can offer both on-demand and live steaming content to your audience through your IPTV platform. DTVSOL delivers both types of content across devices and platforms, and your audience will be able to stream the content of their choice.

Design and customise your IPTV platform whether you want and increase the viewer experience of your platform. Build your landing pages, display your logo on the player, build your own channels and more.

With DTVSOL, you can launch mobile and TV apps for your IPTv platform in just 24 hours. DTVSOL supports all Android, Android TV, and Google TV.


Upload all your on-demand videos to the CMS and categorise and manage them at any time. You can manage everything for your IPTV platform right from the CMS, including monetisation, analytics, platform customisation, and security.

Secure both your on-demand and live streaming content. You can add visible and forensic watermarks to the videos and restrict the audience from screen recording.

PPPoE and IPoE methods of termination of subscriber sessions
RADIUS authorisation (PAP and CHAP) and accounting
RFC-compliant support for PPPoE, LCP, IPCP, PAP, CHAP, IP address pools
PADO delay, limit PADI rate, CoA

You can create a playout channel using DTVSOL. Upload all your content, set up a schedule for your channel, and go live. It’s that simple. You also have the ability to add live streaming to your online TV channel.

Assess the data such as content performance, devices used, user drop-off rate and understand your audience better with DTVSOL`s analytics and reporting. Get detailed insights into your content performance and optimise your content.

Packed with Features

Fully Featured End-to-End Video/Audio/Physical Platform with Apps for Web, Mobile & TV


Your Own Name and Logo

Use your own name. Get completely white labeled solution. No mention of DTVSOL anywhere.

Mobile and TV apps

Integrate or build native Tv and mobile apps for Android, Android TV, Google TV.


Accept payments in all currency. Bitcoins and Mobile payments too.

Templates and designs

Choose from our designs and templates. You can change the colours, logos, images and more.


DTVSOL allows you to add subtitles to all your content.

Policy Engine

Unlock the true power of a streaming service owner with our super smart Policy Engine.

Radio Player

Encoding and Transcoding

Convert your videos to various file formats and resolutions for cross device compatibility.

4K Video Streaming

Get 4K video quality on your streaming platform with DTVSOL!

Video Library

Traffic managment

Traffic Accounting and filtering

Comprehensive OTT Solution

The DTVSOL platform is an end-to-end fully loaded all-in-one streaming solution that covers all technical and functional aspects required to build and operationalise an OTT platform, or an end-to-end video streaming website/app. It includes every attribute that makes a modern-day OTT service possible such as, software and hardware requirements, content delivery framework, monetisation model, content protection technology, and much more. You name it, DTVSOL has it.

Group User Accounts

Let your users add multiple Sub Accounts

365 / 24 / 7 Support

Full support all around the world.

Digital TV experience

Dive into DTVSOL Solution: Where Every Screen Tells a Story!

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