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Let your broadband users download gigabytes in mere minutes, Let your broadband users watch all videos in HD with no buffering, Save time for your users, save Internet bandwidth, save real money.

Users will share data at ultra high speed with no extra hardware.

Users will download and stream cashed popular content with ultra high speed.

Even the simple web page browsing becomes very fast and snappy.

Users can download HD content and watch HD videos the way they choose.

One of the very few systems on the earth which actually saves  bandwidth on P2P traffic. 

Software updates, static content and all stuff as well.

Unleashing Blazing Speeds and Seamless Connectivity for a Faster, Smoother Online Journey.


General Question

State of art transparent caching solution which saves 50-70% of upstream traffic required by ISPs for HTTP and Peer to Peer content.

Provide huge, cheap bandwidth to users;
offload expensive channels; provide content visibility; and improve browser experience.

The solution uses integrated L7 DPI module to recognise multiple http and p2p protocols and route data requests to cache or other users instead do the expensive internet link.

Torrent traffic is P2P, so doesn't come from a single server but from many peers. This solution saves from upstreams traffic by routing transparently all connections either to the cache or to other local peers, so it makes maximum saving on torrent traffic while still respecting the original source.

Usually above the NAS/BNG/BRAS.

Show table with AIO & GRID.

Plain and encrypted torrents, HTTP 0.9 /1.0/ 1.1. Any flavour of encrypted HTTP - HTTPS, HTTP 2.0 & SPDY is impossible to intercept.

The solution is billed on traffic saved (i.e. generated by the system). The price of the saved traffic is few times less than internet price. Ask for quotation.

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Comprehensive BNG features for top-tier network performance.


Unlimited High Efficiency, Cost-Effective Growth.


Save time for your users, save Internet bandwidth, save real money


TV Application, Cashe , Timeshift, VOD, EPG


It provides the packet filtering capability, including the ACLs, support for fully stateful filtering and large IP set.

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